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Ooss Dolla

Owner of O.D.P.

Projects by Ooss Dolla

Let's Talk

October 29, 2017

621 Family presents Nappy (Lets Talk) from his mix tape GH4. video shot, edited and directed by O.D.P 

Funny Niggaz

August 4, 2017

Two up​ and coming artist from Harlem N.Y. on there way to the top. 621 Family East shot/edited by, O.D.P.

Sticks In Da Car

October 27, 2017

621 Family's Latest project, Sticks In Da Car, with Nappy, Pusha, and BodiezOnDaBoard


July 21, 2017

GH4 mixed by (BodiezOndaBoard) Lil Nappy' One of G I's best . Lil Nappy representing C.A G and the 621 family . The Truth is in the Booth. Real Nigga's love'em, fake Nigga"s hate'em. The Time Is Now. video shot by OossDolla, assisted by Rocketboy nift.

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