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Mack Bone

Eric D Garner
Song/Movie Writer, Author, and Artist

Eric D. Garner was born in Clarksdale Mississippi, but raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. After graduating from Ben Davis High School in 1995, Garner attended Ivy Tech College, where he majored in business and creative writing. Garner went on to become a fine young performing artist, screenplay, and novel writer. He has worked with national artists such as Con-fun-shun, Ke-Ke Wyatt, Erica Edmonds, Jesse Powell, Donell Jones, Joe, Master P, Crunna, Tony Terry and more. Garner has since completed four manuscripts to be published by a major publishing house. 

New Releases

Unholy Ties That Bind

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Coming in 2018

A Book Of Rubies and Pearls (2014)

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Music by Mack Bone

Mama Regina

June 12, 2016

Mama Regina is a video of a real life story by rapper Mack Bone decrying the death of a young mother who was killed in Indianapolis while 2 would-be robbers were trying to steal the 22" rims from her car in the driveway.

Dedication to Tupac

December 11, 2016

This video was done many years ago before the technology is what it is today. The words to the songs are the titles of Tupac's songs.

That's How Strong My Love Is

December 11, 2016

This is a tribute to my father, Mr. Eddie Lee Dear, Jr. also known as "Sweet D." I wrote this song many years ago, but it truly expresses the depth of love and respect I have for my "Pops" who is dying of cancer. This is my Father's Day gift to him, June 19, 2016. Love you, Pops. Your Son, Mack Bone

Art by Mack Bone

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