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Big Homie

Being born in the kush capital of California and moving to Cleveland Ohio rapper Big Homie Trapp has over come many adversities on his route to becoming a real big homie in the music game. Being no stranger to struggle Big Homie Says "I been where you at- my goal is to show people, show the streets its light at the end of the tunnel. I'm just like you." Big Homie now boasts "I live the life of a rapper before becoming a rapper. S*** look at me, i'm a big n**** when I walk in the room I'm 300 lbs wit $40,000 on my neck and wrist..i'm the center of attention when I open my mouth people listen to me.

Big Homie Trapp isn’t new to the hustle of life and will be giving you vivid stories of what he has been through with his upcoming project “Everybody need a Big Homie". Big Homie states "We made it out the streets, life after the Trap. I'm just like you chasing the dream. So many n***** been misguided... this music is a Bible to the streets... EVERYBODY NEEDS A BIG HOMIE!!!!!!!!!!!”


October 29, 2017

“Sometimes” Produced by Mars and directed by Kool Vision Media. Big Homie breaks down how he came up with this banger by stating "Sometimes. When the Beat Drops It just made me reminisce about Old S***.

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